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Do it yourself…with these fine Concrete Stamping Tools


Random River RockRandom River Rock

Designed for the river bottom at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, CA, this pattern resembles real river rock. Corners of the stone are rounded and the average size of the rocks range from 4″ x 5″ to 7″ x 9″. The groutlines are extra deep for that true, river rock semblance. Coloring with a water based acrylic stain is a breeze. Size: 41.5″ x 41.5″




Seamless Old Granite

Seamless Old Granite

Seamless textures are preferred by contractors and homeowners because they are easy to apply, can be done in less time than pattern concrete, allows for a clean look with less grout lines and produces a long lasting beautiful addition to your home. Granite is a plutonic rock of the Earth’s crust, formed by the cooling of magma into a lovely textured stone. Resembles the natural stone adding the benefit of lower cost, higher durability and inherent strength and endurance. Old Granite Cleft Stone has a “signature” vein that sets it apart from all others. A perfect accent to driveways, patios, walkways, kitchen countertops and interior floors – this pattern will surely leave a lasting impression. Size: 5′ X 5′


Seamless SandstoneSeamless Standstone Course

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-size mineral or rock grains. Sandstone is a common building and paving material. Proline can bring you the look of natural Sandstone in a fraction of the cost. Additionally, concrete is more durable, faster to install, holds up to any conditions, and can be colored to your tailored needs. Perfect inside or out, this pattern will make a wonderful addition to your home. The Seamless Texture design, an innovation of Proline, allows for easy installation. As with all our Seamless Textures, with the exception of touch up skins, handles are included for increased movability. We offer this pattern in a choice of 6 different sizes and flexibilities . And, for those who want this stone with a less rigorous surface, we offer Seamless Texture Sandstone Light. Size: 5′ X 5′


Seamless Roman SlateSeamless Roman Slate

Designed for the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, a star was born.?Roman Slate is now the standard in the industry. Copied by many, but none can hold a candle to this original favorite. Proline uses a special formula in it’s manufacturing – making the stamps lighter in weight yet more durable. Our seamless textures, with the exception of touch up size, come with handles for easier application. Proline was the innovator of the seamless texture skins, make to overlap each other for a simple application. Roman Slate is a great pattern for any area-inside and out. You can’t beat the classics – Roman Slate continues to be the favorite pick among customers. Size: 5′ X 5′


Ashlar Roman SlateAshlar Roman Slate

Proline brings the popular look of slate to the decorative concrete world. The ever-classic Ashlar Stone look dates as far back as the 12th century and is found in most western architecture. We offer a variety of background textures, including this classic Roman Slate. This stamp consists of a 3-part system to allow a more open pattern. Color-coded to reduce repeats, these quality mats both heavy duty and tight fitting for a perfectly balanced fit. Size: 24″ x 24″


Random Old GraniteRandom Old Granite

Random Old Granite offers a randomly placed stone with sharper grount lines and angles. This pattern has a two part system- when the two pieces are locked together they make a larger scene so the eye does not see a repetitive pattern. With a background of Old Granite texture, stones range in size from 14.5″ x 19″ to 21.5″ x 33″on the A side and 9.5″ x 20″ to 25″ x 25″ on the B side. Size: 48″ X 48″



Random Canyon StoneRandom Canyon Stone

This piece is a Canyon Stone in a random stone pattern. The stones are beautifully complimented with a Flamed Granite background. The edges of the stones are lightly chiseled. Natural stone with the durability of concrete-the true beauty of decorative stamped concrete. Color this piece with any of our easy to apply water-based acrylic stains for a layered, natural stone look. The rock size in this piece vary from a smaller 9.5″ x 13.5″ to a larger 13.5″ x 21.5″. Size: 34″ x 36″



Old Cobble StoneOld Cobble Stone

Old Cobblestone has the look of an Old World classic. The stones run in a running bond or offset pattern. There is a variant in the size of the stones with the largest stone measuring 5″ x 8 1/2″. This pattern can be widely used for driveways, patios, walkway and interiors. Size: 20″ x 44″




Old Englysh CobblestoneOld Englysh Cobblestone

Old Englysh Cobblestone is a series of antiquated cobblestones laid in a running bond pattern.





Appian Cobble StoneAppian Cobble Stone

This historic pattern is a replication of the Via Appia, the oldest and most celebrated road built in Italy in 300BC by Roman censor Appius Claudius Caecus. These beautiful cobbles are offered in two sizes- see our Appian Cobble Stone Large Stone for a larger scale version of this pattern. Our Appian Cobble Stone stamps consist of an A & B side. This allows for a more open, less repetitive pattern. The look of Old World Cobble with the durability of concrete. Size: 24″ X 51″



5 Ft Diameter Radius Cobble Stone5 Ft Diameter Radius Cobble Stone

This unique stamp will create a 5′ diameter circle of lovely cobble stones.





Boardwalk Wood PlankBoardwalk Wood Plank – Choose between 8″ and 12″

Offers the look of wood flooring with the durability of concrete. Our Boardwalk is highly life-like, right down to the pegs in the planks. Use our new Water Based Acrylic Stains to color this pattern to your choice – brown tones for natural wood look. Color in gray tones and add our Wild Mustang Border Art for a true Western look.




18" x 18" Roman Slate Tile A18″ x 18″ Roman Slate Tile A

Most popular texture of Roman Slate for a perfect combination. Roman Slate, designed for Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, is consistently the most selected texture. Looking for an accent piece? Check out our Acanthus Leaf Border Art stamp or the many other Border Art and Border Tools Proline offers. Because this is such a popular texture, Proline also offers Roman Slate in the following tile size: 12″ x 12″ (ST1210), 24″ x 24″ (ST2420), 36″ x 36″ (ST3610). Please note: for a random look, this tool is made to work in conjunction with ST1820B. Size: 18″ x 36″


European Fan - Small StoneEuropean Fan – Small Stone

Stamping pattern consists of 6 rows of Old World Cobblestones. We offer this stamp in a thin-flex mat as well, for finishing against walls and edges. This stamps creates a very unique overall fan pattern. Stones in this pattern average 5″ – 5.5″. Size: 28″ X 52″




European Fan - Large StoneEuropean Fan – Large Stone

Pays homage to an Old World traditional favorite in it’s replication of the European Fan Large Stone. This pattern consists of three rows of granite cobblestones that average 9.5″ x 10″ in size. Size: 28″ X 52″




Running Bond BrickRunning Bond Brick

A running bond pattern is brick with the joins in each row centered on the bricks in the row below. Offers a traditional used brick size of 4″ x 8″ in this Running Bond pattern. We also offer the same size brick in a Herringbone and Basketweave pattern. Size: 17″ x 36″




Basketweave - Used BrickBasketweave – Used Brick

The Basketweave pattern is a pattern made up of pairs of bricks placed in a square grid so that the join between each pair is perpendicular to the join of the four pairs around it. Offers a tradional used brick size of 4″ x 8″ in a Basketweave pattern. Size: 16″ x 32″




Herringbone Used BrickHerringbone Used Brick

Herringbone pattern refers to a pattern of columns of short parallel lines with all the lines in one column sloping one way lines in adjacent columns sloping the other way.?Offers a tradtional used brick in a Herringbone pattern. Brick sizes are a typical 4″ x 8″ in size. We also offer brick patterns in a running bond and basketweave pattern, as well. Couple this look with any of our Brick Band Tools for a fabulous finish. Easy to color with a Water Based Acrylic Stain, your neighbors will not be able to tell your stamped concrete from the real thing. Size: 24″ x 37″


Roman Slate Border Stamp5″ x 12″ Roman Slate Border Stamp

Band tools make a wonderful compliment to any pattern or Seamless texture. This tool has bricks 5″ x 12″ with a Roman Slate texture in the background. Size: 12″ x 45″




Soldier Course Used Brick Band ToolSoldier Course Used Brick Band Tool

Band Tools offer a variation and accent to any Seamless Texture or stamped pattern area. This Band Tool is in a used brick design and each brick measuring 4″ x 8″. Size: 8″ x 36″




Old Englysh Cobblestone Soldier CourseOld Englysh Cobblestone Soldier Course

Old Englysh Cobblestone Soldier Course is a series of antiquated cobblestones laid side by side. Border tool with cobblestones that measure 8″-11″ x 5″ with 1/2″ rounded joints.




4' Lotus Flower Medallion4′ Lotus Flower Medallion

The Lotus Flower is an symbol traced back to accient Egypt. It denotes the sun, as a symbol of creation and rebirth. This 4ft. Diameter Medallion will make a lovely accent piece to any home, patio or driveway. Try a water-based acrylic stains for easy coloring. Comprised of a combination of Limstone, Quartzite and Roman Slate textures.




Compass Medallion4′ Compass Medallion

You’ll never loose your way with a Compass Medallion. In lieu of extensive saw cutting, this 4 ft. diameter stamp will make application a breeze. A water-based acrylic stains and antiquing system makes it easy to color.




Nautical Star Medallion4′ Nautical Star Medallion

The Nautical Star were first tattooed on early sailors as a good luck symbol in hope of returning home. This 4 ft. Medallion is easy to color with a water-based stain. Size: 4 ft. diameter




Touch Up ChiselsTouch Up Chisels

Used to clean up joints and for minor touch up when stamping concrete.






These patented tool offers easy dismantle, an extra long grip, composite handle, removable locking pin, rounded corners and edges and self-aligning base. Most important, our Tampers have a shock-absorbing flexible coupling to take the pressure off the shoulders of the installer.

Available in the following sizes:
6″ X 6″
12″ X 12″
16″ X 16″